Dr. Mala Arora was awarded a GOLD MEDAL for the best paper presentation at the conference of Gynaecologists of Delhi (AOGD.)
MRCOG examination
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Q 1   What is HIV virus. What is meant by a person being HIV positive.
Ans:  HIV stands for Human immuno deficiency virus.It is the virus that causes AIDS. HIV positive means that the person is infected with the virus but may not always have symptoms of the disease.
Q 2   What are common causes of INFERTILITY?
Ans:  Infertility may be a problem in either the female partner, male partner or both partners. The common causes are Inability to ovulate, poor semen counts and/or blocked Fallopian tubes.
Q 3   What are the tests to be done for investigating Infertility?
Ans:  Semen Analysis Ultrasound Follicular study Hysterosalpingogram/ Laparoscopy Hormonal Profile Post coital test/ Antisperm Antibodies are the important tests for Infertility
Q 4   What is abortion?
Ans:  Spontaneous abortion or miscarriage is the expulsion of the products of conception before 20 weeks of pregnancy. Recurrent abortion is diagnosed when a woman miscarriages consecutively 3 times, before 20 weeks of pregnancy.
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