Dr. Mala Arora was awarded a GOLD MEDAL for the best paper presentation at the conference of Gynaecologists of Delhi (AOGD.)
MRCOG examination
Papers I
Papers II
Candidates are eligible for the part-1MRCOG examination when theyhave obtained their medical degree
Part-1 examinations are held biannually in March and September.
The examination is on basic science and consists of two multiple choice question (MCQ) papers, each lasting two hours. The examination embraces those subjects which form part of the general education of any specialist and particularly those aspects which are applicable to obstetrics and gynaecology.
The part -1MRCOG examination consists of two MCQ-papers, each containing 60 questions. Two hours allowed for each paper. The questions are dividing into different sections, each addressing a particular topic of the syllabus.
20MCQ on anatomy and embryology.

20MCQ on endocrinology and statistics.

20MCQ on microbiology, pharmacology and immunology
20MCQ on physiology

20MCQ on pathology and genetics.

20MCQ on biochemistry and biophysics
Each MCQ consists of item and five branches. Your answer to each Each MCQ consists of item and five branches. Your answer to each
branch either True ‘T’ or false ‘F’.
Each item correctly answered (whether it is ‘true’ or ‘false’) is awarded one mark (+1). No mark is (0) are awarded for an unattempted question. No negative marking has been done in this mock exam.
Candidates whose total marks are equal to or above the passing mark will pass, regardless of their performance in individual sections of the papers.
Please note that it is possible with on going advances in the basic sciences that small number of the answer may alter following publication.
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